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We are professional rafting operator company in Nepal. White water team! We run 100%  safe and fun river trip throughout Nepal. We run all the major Himalayan Rivers in Nepal, like a Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, Seti, Bheri, Karnali, Kali Gandaki, Tamur and the Sun Koshi. Rafting in Nepal is a Rewarding and exhilarating experience, the most exciting and scenic regions in the world. A traveler is taken to the very heart of this magical land and Himalayan River Rafting is one of the most exciting ways of exploring Nepal’s ancient and unspoiled landscapes. White Water Rafting Adventure combines serene floating with the excitement and adrenalin Rush, Himalayan River of Nepal, Naturally whitewater rapids as well as the opportunity to camp on outdoor river beaches and interact with diverse local people from Remote communities.


Rafting in Nepal

Nepal River Rafting

In the tiny kingdom of Nepal, the beautiful mountain ranges which draw trekkers & climbers also provide an incredible variety of white water challenges for paddlers. Nepal is a river runner's paradise no other country has as wide a choice of multi-day trips, away from civilization, in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm river water. away from civilization, in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm river water.

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Kayaking in Nepal

Kayaking in Nepal

Learning to paddle on some of the world’s best rivers in Nepal!

Kayaking in Nepal is most popular and awesome outdoor adventure which attracts many paddlers from all over the world.  Probably among Young Heart Paddlers and Whitewater adrenaline thrill seekers kayaking and rafting in Nepal, gives chance to experience and taste of real Himalayan splash flow together encounter with typical local cultures and life styles are truly exploration.

Most popular Kayaking and rafting in Nepal as day trip and family rafting to multiday wilderness expedition, We always look forward your participant to join with us to make happen 100% safe and unforgettable Himalayan Whitewater Wash in life time.

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Hey! Shankar, and Team
I am just back from the rafting trip and it was great!! Not only the rafting and the professional and excellent guides. Also the information and great dinners! You are arranged everything very nice and well.

I wish you the best with the just new company but with your experience it defiantly goanna be a success!

Greats from Holland,
Patrick Peters.